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Layering Is In! - Plus Size Kimonos and Dusters

Lucky and Blessed’s Divine Collection of Plus Size Kimono and Dusters

Are you building the perfect outfit that is ideal for all occasions? Well, Lucky and Blessed have the final touches that would make your outfit go from bland to the spiciest little number anyone has ever seen! This can be achieved by simply layering with a charmingly detailed plus size kimono or duster! Layering has become an essential part of our everyday outfits. An attire feels empty without it! So, do you need the flawless complement to polish your outfit? Add one of Lucky and Blessed’s women's western kimonos and dusters!


Kimonos are quite ideal for warm weather months. Most of Lucky and Blessed’s plus size kimonos are made of light and airy fabrics! However, they can still warm you up during chilly evenings thus proving kimonos are an all seasons item. We offer kimonos in several styles and designs. You can find blazer-like kimonos, along with lightweight semi-transparent styles. It all comes down to your preference and personal taste. Our most popular designs have that chic 1970's inspired look! Modern options are available as well. Also, L&B offers long kimonos as well as short kimonos! Our plus size kimonos have been given wonderful details as well as versatility! These plus size kimonos are available in a variety of styles such as lace, fringes, prints, various lengths. Shop Lucky and Blessed’s charming plus size kimonos today!


Dusters are here to stay. The boho chic trend has been embraced by many and it is time you do the same! They are fitting for those who enjoy western style because it simply has that pure cowgirl energy! Whether you can pair a patterned duster with a plain short dress and high boots or you pair a kimono duster with a simple pair of jeans and tank top - one thing is guaranteed; you will look elegant! It is an exquisite article of clothing. You can throw it on your casual outfit when you are having a lazy day and your outfit will come together! You can find our beautiful dusters in various patterns and designs. If you are a fan of sequin, you will surely love Lucky and Blessed’s popular plus size sequined dusters! Feel fabulous in our plus size dusters! Add them to your cart today!