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Inclusivity and Lucky & Blessed: Our Plus Size Collection

Our Role - L&B’s Priorities

At Lucky and Blessed, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity above all. We take great pride in manufacturing and distributing plus size women’s clothing for wholesale as we believe that we are doing our part in normalizing all body types in the retail industry. It is our goal to provide stunning western wear for every plus size woman out there. L&B provides a wide array of eccentric clothing aimed at plus size women for wholesale. Here, at Lucky & Blessed, we celebrate all shapes and sizes!

Our Promise - L&B’s Products

At Lucky & Blessed, we offer plus size garments that are elegantly styled with great attention to detail. These form-flattering articles of clothing have intricate anatomically designed details. We cherish the demands of plus sized women and offer clothing that best suits their interests. Lucky & Blessed’s specialty is providing upstyle feminine clothing in plus size.

Our wide collection of plus size clothing has various distinct patterns, designs, and styles! It ranges from funky clothing to classy and romantic pieces! You can find the perfect outfit for every occasion you could possibly imagine. In addition to this, we understand that individuals have unique tastes, thus we provide items of clothing in different styles and flair to match each’s preference.

Our Message - Boutiques

Lucky and Blessed has the perfect collection of refined clothing for boutique owners to provide for their customers. We stay true to our Western roots and offer clothing that reflects our culture and pizzazz.

If you are on the lookout for timeless plus size clothing for wholesale in exceptional quality and reasonably low prices then look no more! We have everything your customers need. All of these pieces are available in numerous different patterns and flair. Vendors can gain access to high-quality plus size clothing at reasonable prices by doing business with us. And, we promise to deliver trendsetting clothing that you can help your customers stock up on!

Lucky and Blessed provides the most reasonable western wear for wholesale in the US. We have an attractive policy that requires vendors to order ONLY six pieces as a minimum order. These six pieces of clothing can be of various sizes. Order now!