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New Trend Alert! - Women’s Wholesale Bralettes

A Unique Array of Sexy Bralettes for Women - Lucky and Blessed

Bralettes are in! You have probably seen a bunch of people sporting western bralettes in your Instagram feed or on the streets. Bralettes are a versatile article of clothing! A bralette is the most freeing thing a woman can own. The best part about Lucky and Blessed’s bralettes is that they can be worn as innerwear as well as outerwear! You really get your money’s worth with a bralette since you can wear it in various styles regardless of your aesthetic! Our bralettes make the perfect layering piece for your western style as well. Lucky and Blessed offers several different kinds of pretty, and unique bralettes in eccentric patterns and colors! No matter your style, bra size, or shape, you are guaranteed to find a version that works best for you at Lucky and Blessed.


Lucky and Blessed has a multitude of designs in women’s bralettes! Our bralettes vary from lacy, sporty, to even crocheted! The best part about a bralette is you simply wear one in place of your regular bra (unless you require some added support). Ideally, with the ongoing trends, you can rock your bralette in public as a sort of mini crop top with a pair of plain bottoms! Whether you style it by wearing L&B’s bralette under a sheer shirt or by allowing it to peek through a knitted sweater, or maybe even as the perfect layering piece under a blazer - one thing is confirmed; you will look stunning!

Lucky and Blessed offers women’s bralettes in many styles! You can find them in various colors, designs, and flair! All of our bralettes are available in regular and plus sizes.

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Lucky and Blessed’s women’s bralettes in western style are something that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe! Shop our wide assortment of bralettes today and allow your customers to rock the best designs and styles! Lucky and Blessed’s minimum order is of 6 pieces only so take advantage of our unique deal today!