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Body Like That: Skirts for Plus Size Women in Western Style

Funky, Casual & Flirty - Lucky and Blessed’s Gorgeous Collection of Plus Size Skirts for Wholesale

Our alluring legs complimented with a fine skirt is something we all need! However, due to a lack of inclusivity in women’s fashion, many plus size women lose their chances of rocking a form-flattering skirt. Well, we, at Lucky and Blessed, absolutely detest such a notion! We strongly believe that plus size women deserve the chance to show off their beautiful legs as well. Our plus size skirts collection specializes in the Western Style department. We offer a wide array of skirts that ranges from fringe, sequin, lace, tapered, and even ruffle! From maxi to mini, we have women's western skirts to suit each and every person! Check out Lucky and Blessed’s wholesale womens clothing suppliers collection of Plus Size Skirts!

Leather Skirt

Lucky and Blessed’s funky collection of faux leather fringe skirts are adorable! The fringe adds a unique twist to your outfit. Pair it with a simple top or tank top and dance the night away in these skirts! They are available in different colors and patterns in regular and plus sizes.

Sequin Skirt

Who doesn’t adore a little sparkle in their life? Rock our sequin skirts to Coachella and rest assured, your skirt will not be the only thing gleaming! L&B offers sequin skirts in mid-length and maxi. These are available in various colors as well as designs. Shop Lucky and Blessed’s plus size sequin skirts!

Denim Skirt

Lucky and Blessed promises to deliver the on-trend items and you best believe that denim skirts are one of them! Denim skirts are extremely nostalgic and thanks to many trendsetters and fashionistas, we are finally seeing this trend back on our streets! Whether you dress up or dress down, you will always look classy. Pair the denim skirt with fringed suede boots and there you have it - A Cosmopolitan outfit! Our denim skirts are available in several colors, styles, and the sizes go up to 3XL.

For Our Vendors and Boutique Owners

Lucky and Blessed presents our plus size skirt collection which is readily available for wholesale! Our wide range of skirts is suitable for all of your customers. Simply put, we have something for everyone! We offer a minimum order of 6 items only so y’all better take advantage of it and order from us before we are completely out of stock!