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Women’s Western Form-Flattering Skirts

Lucky and Blessed’s Gorgeous Collection of Skirts for Wholesale

Among the various fashion trends this season, skirts with tops are a combination you need to keep an eye out for! Skirts are so incredibly versatile that you can create many interesting outfits with just one skirt! Lucky and Blessed’s alluring collection of skirts ensures that you will never run out of options! We have skirts for cold and warmer temperatures!

Warmer temperatures mean that this is the moment to consider skirts made of lighter fabrics, like lightweight cotton voile and more that you can find in our women’s skirt section. We offer a wide array of skirts that ranges from fringe, sequin, lace, tapered, and even ruffle! From maxi to mini, we have women's western skirts to suit each and every person! Check out Lucky and Blessed’s collection of skirts today!

Faux Leather Skirt

A leather skirt is an ideal addition to any woman's wardrobe. It has the same effect as a leather jacket, it looks both feminine and edgy. The edgy aesthetic adds a sultry, sexy touch to your look! Our faux leather skirts are a must-have. They are so incredibly versatile! You can sport it with a basic tee when temperatures are warmer and layer on a sweater and trench coat as soon as temperatures drop! Lucky and Blessed has faux leather skirts with exciting colors as well as funky patterns however we offer mini faux leather skirts with cool and classic tones as well. You can find them in all sizes and lengths!

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are all the craze right now! The golden rule when it comes to dressing casually while rocking a maxi skirt outfit is ‘less is more. Opt for a solid round neck or tops from Lucky and Blessed to wear with our skirts which are patterned. This will help your maxi skirt stand out! Lucky and Blessed’s maxi skirt is one of the most structured and chic long skirts to have ever existed! From sequins, ruffles to embroidered maxi skirts - we have it all! Rocked by celebrities and endorsed by fashionistas, we have maxi skirts that suit every shape, size, and color. And we strongly believe these looks will never go out of style!

Denim Skirt

Lucky and Blessed promises to deliver the on-trend items and you best believe that denim skirts are one of them! Denim skirts are going to be a huge trend this year and we are all here for it! Whenever we think of adding denim to our closets, our first thought is either a jacket or jeans but allow us to help you switch it up! Denim skirts are extremely nostalgic! Whether you dress up or dress down, you will always look classy! L&B’s denim skirts are a perfect balance of fashion-forward, classic, and cool! Our denim skirts are available in several colors, styles, and the sizes go up to 3XL.

For Our Vendors and Boutique Owners

Lucky and Blessed presents our wholesale womens clothing USA skirt collection which is readily available for wholesale! Our wide range of skirts is suitable for all of your customers. Simply put, we have something for everyone! We offer a minimum order of 6 items only so y’all better take advantage of it and order from us before we are completely out of stock!